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Data analysis and big data

Making better, smarter Web3 investments means cutting through hundreds of projects to find the next big thing. Our knowledge of data analysis and big data has given us the competitive edge, and we believe data analysis is a crucial requirement for more widespread adoption of blockchain products and services.

Web3 Marketing

Blockchain projects often need a boost to gain traction. With thousands of coins, tokens and other blockchain projects on the market, gaining a competitive edge is more complex than ever. Successful marketing is based on the unique demands of the crypto market. Our Web 3.0 specialists know how to create project awareness, develop a reputation and generate demand..

Web3 Legal

Web3 assets are sophisticated instruments with numerous intricacies and complexities. As Web3 projects increasingly venture off the beaten path into the rapidly expanding edges of the blockchain market,  specific legal issues can arise in numerous areas.

We believe decentralized ledger technology has brought many new opportunities to the world of finance. As new blockchain products reach market, we are excited to discover where Web 3.0 goes next.

Web3 Accounting and Tax Services

We offer a range of Web3 accounting and tax services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Currently, we are based in Estonia and Portugal, and our legal and tax services are operating within the EU legal and tax realm. With our partner network, we have access to different crypto tax and legal services and know-how, including Switzerland and the UK.

We provide accounting services for companies operating or investing in the Web3 and blockchain projects, including monthly and annual financial report review and creation, VAT registration, employment law, capital gains, deductible income, and tax relief applications.

Web3 Development

Smart contracts, automated content generation, precision-targeted advertising, community engagement and metaverse-like experiences are rapidly evolving within the Web3 ecosystem, thanks to the blockchain revolution. We provide comprehensive support—financing, technical, legal, and marketing services—serving as a one-stop shop for startup founders embarking on their journey into the Web3 realm.

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