About us

CryptoPlan is a private venture capital firm that invests in blockchain companies.

We believe in blockchain’s potential to build fair, open and secure digital platforms for people around the world. As a private firm we support blockchain projects at different stages – from the pre-seed and seed rounds to angel investments and beyond. We also provide practical help and consultancy to grow the projects we work with.With experience in varied aspects of the crypto markets, including marketing, tech development and market insight, CryptoPlan works with a range of startups in these promising new financial markets.

Meet Cryptoplan

We are a group of people passionate about grow and innovation.

Mik Hansen

Co-Founder, Head of Comms


Kaspar Pae

Technical Advisor


Arvo Kivar

Legal partner (LMP)


At CryptoPlan we connect motivated investors and innovative investment opportunities.

Our mission

Our mission is to explore and invest in the most innovative blockchain products, promoting sustainable development across the entire industry.

Our aspirations

We want to explore new angles and support groundbreaking projects. We seek out opportunities that truly excite us.

Our beliefs

We believe in blockchain’s potential to build fair, open and secure digital platforms that transform our societies for the better.

Our culture

We’re passionate in our search for the most promising opportunities in crypto, and in our ambition to build Cryptoplan’s reputation as a leader.

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