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CryptoPlan is a private venture capital firm investing in Web3 companies. We believe in blockchain’s potential to transform the future and build fair, open and secure digital platforms for people around the world. We invest our own funds and also raise money from partners to buy into blockchain projects at different stages – from the pre-seed and seed rounds to angel investments and beyond. We are active investors and can also provide practical help and consultancy to grow the projects we invest in.

As a trusted authority on all aspects of the Web3 markets, including marketing, tech development and market insight, CryptoPlan offers exposure to exciting start-ups in the world’s most promising new financial markets. As well as providing private equity for blockchain startups, we also invest in crypto derivatives and futures, as well as buying and selling Web3 assets.

Working with everyone from large accounting and CPA firms to start-ups, wealthy individuals and everyday traders, we show a strong commitment to all our partners. Always have, always will. We believe reputation is everything. This is the core belief that drives our relentless pursuit of excellence. Cut through the noise with CryptoPlan: the global name you can trust, today and tomorrow.

Bitcoin has shown the world the potential of strong blockchain projects.

Our Competitive Edge

Data analysis and big data

Making better, smarter Web3 investments means cutting through hundreds of projects to find the next big thing. Our investment in data analysis and big data has given us the competitive edge, and we believe data analysis is a crucial requirement for more widespread adoption of blockchain products and services.

From surveys and insights to analysis and strategy, we help our partners understand every detail of the market.

Crypto marketing services

Your project needs a serious boost to gain traction. Right now there are over 10,000 different cryptocurrencies on the market, not to mention other blockchain projects. Which means gaining a competitive edge is more complex than ever. 

Our data-driven approach based on the unique demands of the Web3 market can help you outshine your competitors and pull ahead of the pack. Create project awareness, develop a reputation and generate demand with web3 experts you can trust. 

Crypto investment funds

CryptoPlan help manage Web3 assets for clients who want the most up-to-date information and the most knowledgeable consultants. We help investors avoid the pitfalls, master complex security protocols and set you up for success in an industry that has the potential to transform and disrupt conventional finance on a scale not seen since the advent of the internet. 

We have several Web3 private funds with different approaches, with strategies changing in different market situations to always stay ahead of the game. Using our thorough research and data analysis, we find the most promising projects and to get the best returns on your investment.

At CryptoPlan we connect motivated investors and innovative investment opportunities. As a venture capital investor, we finance founder teams in the pre-seed stage, carefully researching and analysing the market using our proprietary frameworks to ensure all the projects we support have the strongest growth potential. We are not afraid to take risks, but they are always carefully calculated.

CryptoPlan specializes in IDO projects

Our mission is to explore and invest in the most innovative blockchain projects worldwide and promote sustainable development across the entire industry globally.

We want to disrupt the status quo. Financial and internet sector monopolies have led to asymmetrical returns for shareholders, social inequality, and systemic distrust.

Web 3, powered by blockchain technology, lets us bypass the establishment and take control back into our own hands – with no intermediaries, predatory or otherwise.

By healing the core of our social constructs, we help groundbreaking crypto projects restore trust and fairness in the businesses we work for, the technologies we use, and the products and services we consume.

Blockchain re-builds the world. Invest in the future with CryptoPlan.

I've been part of several companies and tried different businesses. But as soon as I discovered crypto and blockchain, I was hooked and didn't look back. I really believe DeFi and Web3 have the potential to empower people and re-establish their belief in a world, where their future is in their own hands.

"My passion for blockchain technologies drives the urge to grow CryptoPlan and find better investment opportunities"

Mik Hansen

Head of Comms & Community


Successful projects are backed by a strong community - people, who believe in the cause. My role is to connect the right people and the right opportunities. With a history of starting many successful projects and companies, this mindset and experience is transferred into creating and backing groundbraking blockchain projects.

"Do you want to be a part of the most revolutionary sector of this decade? This is your chance to join us."

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